In his introduction to this collection, former Children’ Laureate Michael Rosen describes nursery rhymes as ’a gift we pass on to each other’; these verses, part of our shared literary heritage and oral history, remain as vital and engaging today as when they were first composed. This beautifully illustrated book of nursery rhymes, selected by folklorist Andrew Lang, is published in series with the enormously popular Folio editions of Lang’s Rainbow Fairy Books. It is an essential companion volume to a collection that celebrates childhood literature.

‘As the years go by, and the summers rush on while the winters lengthen, how greatly do we value the songs we read in what Mr Lang describes as “my first library, a wooden box full of loose, floppy picture-books”’

  1. Spectator, 1898


Bound in metallic cloth blocked with a design by Debra McFarlane

Set in Founder’s Caslon

280 pages

Frontispiece and 106 integrated black & white illustrations by L. Leslie Brooke, and 6 colour illustrations by Debra McFarlane

Printed endpapers

Coloured tops

10″ x 7½”